The neighborhood

Welcome to Echo Park

Investors in Nico Echo Park will be shareholders in a portfolio of local properties.

Echo Park is a beloved neighborhood in Los Angeles with a distinct identity, based on its diverse cultures, landmarks, locally owned businesses, and various housing types. It’s known for its vibrancy as well as walkability and proximity to downtown Los Angeles.

Upon launch, Nico Echo Park will own three rent-stabilized, multi-family apartment buildings across the neighborhood. By investing in buildings that have been part of the neighborhood for a long time, Nico Echo Park affirms its commitment  to preserving the physical and social fabric of the neighborhood.


The Nico Echo Park portfolio includes these three properties:

1461 Sunset Boulevard

a 1920s mixed-use building with 20 apartments and four retail stores on the ground floor

1412-16 Echo Park Avenue

a 32-unit property with 11 distinct structures connected by a series of courtyards

1650 Echo Park Avenue

a 28-unit Art Deco-style brick apartment building

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