Neighborhood REIT
How it works

Be a part of a neighborhood investment that puts the community first


Become an investor

Starting with $100, you can become a shareholder in the Neighborhood REIT, which owns a portfolio of local properties. You can make a one-time investment, a recurring monthly investment, or both. Sign up to create your account.


Build equity

Nico is a long-term investment. As a shareholder, you own both a share of the income produced by the real estate and a share of its underlying value. If the properties increase in value, so does your investment. You can choose to reinvest your dividends or receive quarterly dividend payouts.


Make an impact

Besides making a financial investment, help create a positive impact on the neighborhood. Nico creates opportunities to strengthen the local economy, increase financial inclusion among neighborhood stakeholders, and more. Read the Nico Impact Assessment Framework.


Reasons to invest


Build wealth

Participate in a new model of neighborhood investing. Build long-term financial security and stability, without the high costs of buying a house. It’s easy. Start with $100.


Invest locally

Investing in things like stocks, bonds or other assets can feel distant and abstract. You can now invest in something local and concrete: buildings in the neighborhood you love.


Diversify your assets

Being a shareholder means you’re earning a return on investment from a portfolio of local properties—not just owning one property. In other words, you don’t have to put all your nest eggs in one basket.


Grow your knowledge

Our team of experts, advisors and partners will help you learn more about finances and real estate so you can feel confident about building long-term wealth. We’ll back you up with educational events, customer support, and other helpful resources.


Track your progress

Easily access and monitor your investments in the palm of your hand. You’ll be able to see your financial returns, projections of potential returns, and adjust your monthly contribution whenever you want.


Neighborhood REIT: Have a say

Nico residents, shareholders and other stakeholders can share feedback and weigh in on important decisions about the future of our REIT. Let us know what’s important to you by responding to polls and surveys.


Champion Echo Park

By investing in Nico Echo Park, you can be proud to contribute to positive outcomes for local residents, community organizations, and small businesses. Nico buys older buildings, cares for them, and extends their effective life to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Also, Nico Echo Park invests in rent-stabilized buildings to support long-term residents of the neighborhood.


Lead the way

Echo Park is the first community to have its own REIT. Socially responsible investment in neighborhood real estate is now available to all residents and investors. Together we can show the world a new way to invest locally.